The Westborough Youth Basketball Association (WYBA) Board of Directors is actively preparing for the upcoming season and an important first step is soliciting coaching applicants for the coming season. Positive, principled and skilled coaches are the foundation of any successful sports program and WYBA is no exception. As coaching legend John Wooden said: “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.” While winning is not an end in itself, we believe that the efforts by our town athletes to be their best will lead them to success throughout their lives. WYBA is committed to individual development while pursuing team success. Success generates excitement within the team, the league and across the community. It helps to strengthen bonds, foster loyalty and gives our community members yet another reason to be proud to be from Westborough.
As you may know, the WYBA Bylaws states that coaches must apply each year whether you coached in the previous season or not. If you are interested in applying to be a travel basketball coach this season, please complete these two easy steps:

o Fill out this year’s WYBA Coaches Application
o Fill out the WYBA CORI Form and Photocopy/Scan your Driver’s License and send CORI/License to by Friday, July 19

A couple of important details about the Coach Application Process:

o You should apply by the deadline if you want to be considered for A Coach or B Coach.
o For those who are applying to be B Coaches or for coaches that volunteer to coach either the A Team or the B Team, your willingness to be a B coach WILL NOT affect your son or daughter’s chances of being selected for the A team.
o All A Head Coaches and B Coach applicants will be allowed to participate in tryouts after completion of the CORI process.
o If you know of potential 4th Grade coaching candidates, please forward this email to them and copy
o If required, interviews for A Team Head Coaching Candidates are scheduled for the evening of Thursday, August 29th

WYBA Tryouts are currently planned for a Saturday in late September and a Sunday in early October. Don’t hesitate to contact a board member with any questions!

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