Westborough Youth Basketball Association (WYBA)

Register Online for 2019-20 Travel Basketball Tryouts

Location: Westborough High School

Dates: Saturday September 28 and Sunday October 6

Cost: $20 Pre-Registration / $25 at the Door 

(Payable through TeamSnap; No cash/check will be accepted at the door)

The 2nd (and Final) Tryout for the 2019-20 WYBA Travel Basketball season is scheduled for THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6.  Please see the times by grade and gender at www.westboroughbasketball.org.

IMPORTANT: There have been a few questions about what to do if your player didn’t attend the first tryout session.  See below for guidance on tryout attendance.

  • Our WYBA Bylaws state: “Players, if physically able, are expected to participate in both tryouts.”  All things considered, you have a better chance of making a team if you attend both tryouts.
  • The only way to make a team having not attended either tryout is to be selected with the coaches one “silver bullet” as described in WYBA Bylaws (Article VII, Section 3.C.2). This is usually used at coaches discretion for injured players or special situations, so attending at least one tryout is critical (and in most cases it is required) to be considered for a team.
  • The board works hard to avoid conflicts with town sports, but there is no way to account for all the various club, aau and out-of-town teams.  Each parent has to make their own decisions regarding priorities, but the vast majority of aau/club coaches will understand if you need to skip a tournament game to attend your town travel tryouts.  
  • Players who are late for a tryout or leave a tryout early will be included in the rankings as long as they attend ¾ of the minutes of the tryout.  For example, if the tryout is scheduled from 9am-10am and the player arrives at 9:20, they will not be allowed to participate. If a player leaves at 9:40, their tryout score will not be included in the player rankings for team selection.
  • Players must tryout with their own grade and gender.

Team Selection

For additional details on the Team Selection Process, please review the information at www.westboroughbasketball.org   

Team Announcements

Players will be notified regarding whether they made a team by logging into TeamSnap when instructed by the league.


For players who are new to the program or in need of larger uniforms, there will be a uniform table at tryouts which will have examples of our league uniform that you can try on to determine sizing.  Please remember your sizes for later online ordering. Note that orders will not be placed until teams are formed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at president@westboroughbasketball.org .  Thanks for your interest in the Westborough Travel Basketball Program and best of luck at tryouts this weekend!