Many of our teams will hold their first practice on Saturday!  Look for a note from your coach on where/when practices are for the next couple weeks as the schedules can be disjointed until fall sports end.   With the start of the season, below are a few notes and reminders.

Rec Basketball

WYBA has a great relationship with Westborough Recreation Department and strongly encourages players to play Rec Basketball in addition to Travel.  Rec Hoops is a great way for players to get additional skills development and HAVE FUN!

Respectful Use of Gyms

Please be respectful in your use of our gyms.  The league relies on having excellent relationships with Fay School and Westborough Schools.  Without access to their facilities, we would not be able to run the league.

In all of our facilities, please have players change into sneakers before entering the gym.  Please respect the facilities, if there are mats or equipment in the gym, please stay off them and no drawing on any chalk boards or poster boards.

Fay School

  • Respect the Facility: Please keep in mind that we are visitors to this facility, WYBA wants to keep the positive relationship we have with Fay and continue to use of their facility for years to come. This can only be done with your help and cooperation.
  • Drop Off: DO NOT DROP PLAYERS IN THE UPPER PARKING LOT.  Only drop off players in the lower circle.
  • Entering the Gym:  Please use the second floor entrance.  Do NOT use the exit doors at Gym Level to enter the Gym.  If you use the lower doors, an alarm will sound, summoning Fay Security and causing problems for WYBA.

Westborough Gyms

  • No players, parents, or siblings are allowed to roam the hallways of the school, which includes not going into any classrooms.  We only have permission to use the hallways to the Gym and bathrooms and of course the Gym. Coaches are responsible for their players.
  • WHS, Mill Pond & Gibbons have relatively newly refinished floors…please take care of them!  Have players change into sneakers before entering the gyms and do not track snow onto the floors.


Quick reminder that  Spiritwear Website is open for Westborough Travel Basketball Gear.  Purchase of Spiritwear is optional and a part of the proceeds helps to defray costs of the WYBA program.   The online store is open until SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10th.